The Blaster Communications Inc. InventoryTracking System is specifically designed to assist Emergency Medical Services organizations in tracking controlledsubstances use and movement.  This customizedweb-based application is designed for EMS agencies and Fire Departments totrack the controlled drugs deployed on all paramedic vehicles.


The Fire Department has had trouble effectivelymanaging the controlled drugs currently deployed with paramedic unitsthroughout the country.  In order tocreate a more effective auditing process, EMS personnel sought out assistancefrom Blaster Communications Inc. to create a technical solution to the problemof controlled drug tracking.  Usingexperienced paramedic’s knowledge of controlled substances and the current trackingprocedures at the fire department, Blaster Communications, Inc. created aweb-based application to automate the management and auditing of the controlleddrugs utilized by the country’s paramedics. Using this new technology, EMS agencies and Fire Departments caneffectively monitor and audit all controlled drugs on a daily basis. 


The Pain

There are issues that result in ineffectual,manual auditing process.  This processlengthens the amount of time a discrepancy is located, minimizing the abilityto correct the problem in a timely and efficient manner.  Using experienced paramedics intimateknowledge of the Fire Department’s current processes and procedures, BlasterCommunications Inc. has designed an automated tracking system that can locatediscrepancies in hours, not months.


The Solution


The Blaster Inventory Tracking System,coupled with internal policy and procedures on the procurement, distribution,usage and reporting of controlled substances will significantly increaseaccountability, responsibility and increased security of EMS and FireDepartments controlled drugs while reducing risk associated with lawsuits andlitigation due to inadequate auditing procedures.